V2 Chapter 110: Awakening

The sound of repair work echoes throughout Mount Taikouzan.

Needless to say, the Nakayama troops are the ones undertaking the work. I’ve also been aiding them in repairing the buildings.

To clarify, neither Doga nor Kagari intend to make this a full-fledged base. It’s just a temporary base where the soldiers injured in the attacks by the Dark bees can recover, with minimal repairs being done.

From what I’ve heard, Mount Taikouzan and its surroundings were originally home to many monsters. In fact, we’ve been attacked twice by different types of monsters apart from the Dark bees, all within less than a day after driving the Dark bees away.

For their part, the Nakayama troops have repelled them without needing my assistance. Nevertheless, there are still a few injured soldiers. Even if they intend to abandon this fort soon, Doga and the others must have thought it best to take minimal precautions.

I wasn’t specifically asked to help, but I chose to cooperate. After all, I have injured comrades like Klimt and Ursula. Plus, I had destroyed the roof of the building with my Kei Technique before the monsters could. I should clean up my own mess.

Though speaking of the injured, Ursula is already well enough to walk. She can’t wield a sword yet, but she could assist me in the repair work.

Considering the state she was in after the attack, her rate of recovery is miraculous.

“Your blood is incredible,” Ursula says, handing me a drill for making holes in the wood. “It’s less like a healing potion and more like a mythical elixir—no, like the waters of life or a nine-turns pill from legend. Unfortunately, I’ve never tasted either.”

I thank her and take the drill, then shrug. “According to the mage who made the healing potions I gave to Klimt, my blood is a potent drug. It’s so powerful that it can worsen a patient’s condition rather than improve it.”

That’s why I hadn’t used it on Klimt, whose condition was already stabilizing. Ursula, on the other hand, was clearly in dire straits. Her wound was so deep that even quick treatment wouldn’t have sufficed. She would have died without a doubt.

So, I took a risky gamble. Like I had done with Miroslav when she was attacked by Gozu and his gang, I tore a piece of flesh from my own arm and squeezed the blood from it into Ursula’s mouth.

Her injuries were far worse than Miroslav’s had been. I honestly thought it was too late for her. However, my level had significantly increased since then, owing to consuming several Mythical Creatures. It seemed that the potency of my blood had also increased accordingly.

The Ursula standing before me was proof of that.

“Even so, I don’t think it will work the same for everyone, all the time,” I add. “Maybe luck and compatibility also played a part. Don’t count on the same result next time.”

With the intent of driving the point home, I declare as much. Just because my blood can serve as a universal antidote doesn’t mean I’m willing to help others unconditionally.

I once heard a fable from my mother about a prince who kept giving away his jewels and furs to the poor, until he was left with nothing and died of cold. I don’t possess such a self-sacrificial spirit.

My priority is always myself over others. Even if I sacrifice myself to save someone else, it’s only when I want to do it. If anyone tries to impose self-sacrifice upon me, I won’t hesitate to wield my Soul Equipment and cut them down.

Recognizing my sentiment, Ursula straightens up and looks at me with a serious expression.

“Of course, I understand. It goes without saying, but I will never speak of this incident. Even if I sustain severe injuries in the future and my life is at stake, I won’t rely on your blood. I swear upon the name of Ursula Utgarza.”

“Hmm, a perfect response. With someone like you, I might feel inclined to help again. Though, next time, I will require proper compensation.”

I say, laughing lightly and frivolously. I had intended to gloss over our serious conversation with a joke, but Ursula continues to speak with a stern face.

“As for me, I wish you’d ask for compensation this time as well. You saved my life; I’m willing to grant most favors. Ah, of course, I was planning to thank you even without being asked, but I’d like to fulfill my benefactor’s wishes, if possible.”

“I’ll accept the sentiment alone for now. After all, you saved my life too. I didn’t notice the presence of that swordsman, Utsurui, at all. If not for you, my head and body would probably be separated by now.”

There’s a chill down my spine even as I recall it now: the way that swordsman entered the room, without any ill will or martial intent, not even a trace of Kei, and swung his sword. He called the technique Swift Turn, and it was an attack that even slashed through Kei.

Even if I had activated my Kei defenses, I wasn’t ready at that moment. Plus, he had a technique that could cut through Kei. As powerful as my Soul Equipment’s regenerative abilities are, if my head were severed from my body, it would be over.

Without a doubt, Ursula saved my life. I can’t ask her to feed my soul as repayment for saving her life. Perhaps I could ask her to engage in full-power training with Soul Equipment, but that’s a different story.

Well, that aside.

I lock eyes with Ursula standing in front of me. As our eyes meet, she blinks in apparent confusion before quickly looking away.

This is it. Ever since she woke up—and during our conversation—Ursula has been avoiding eye contact with me. Furthermore, her speech has become a bit faster.

This was something that wasn’t present in Ursula before the attack.

It isn’t hard to guess the reason. In fact, it’s easy enough for a child to figure out. She’s concerned about the fact that our lips met when I gave her my blood. Right when she woke up, she let out a “strange scream,” as Kagari put it.

So, while I understand the reason behind Ursula’s behavior, a solution doesn’t readily come to mind.

Apologizing for unexpectedly kissing her seems odd. After all, it was purely a life-saving action, devoid of any romantic intent.

Though saying something like, “I don’t mind. I helped someone drowning in the river, so don’t worry about it,” would feel inappropriate coming from the man. I remember saying the exact same thing to Claudia Dragnaut before, but that was before taking any action…

After some thought, I decided to pretend not to notice the other party’s disturbance and wait for time to resolve the matter. This is probably what they call an adult’s approach—maybe!

And then, at that moment, I saw Claira hurrying toward me at the edge of my vision. She was supposed to be looking after Klimt with Lan and the Yamato siblings; I wonder what happened.

Turning my gaze toward Claira, I noticed an unmistakable look of joy on her face. That alone allowed me to guess the reason for her approach. There’s only one thing that could make Claira this happy in the current circumstances.

“Lord Sora!”

Running up to me out of breath, Claira opened her mouth with her joyful expression intact.

As expected, the news was that Klimt had awakened.

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