V2 Chapter 135: Revelers

In the lands ruled by the demon realm of Nakayama, a fierce clash was unfolding on the outskirts of the western capital. There, two titans possessing immense Kei were locked in a relentless battle.

Each collision between the two combatants echoed like thunder throughout the city, shaking the earth with tremors akin to an earthquake. The aftermath of their clashes twisted the air and even made the city walls of western capital tremble.

A giant warrior, standing atop the city walls and watching the battle, spoke with evident enjoyment.

“Kagari sure is having a blast.”

He stroked his chin beard, as if to say this was a troublesome matter.

Beside the warrior, a fair-faced nobleman responded with a sigh.

“Indeed, he is. He must be thrilled to have found an opponent he can fight seriously.”

Kagari had proposed a mock battle between himself and Sora just the day before. The purpose was to demonstrate Sora’s abilities to the soldiers, thereby dispelling their hatred and prejudice against humans.

Hakuro, the nobleman, had not opposed this proposal.

While Kagari’s true intentions were transparent, it was rare for his less tactful younger brother to have efficiently prepared everything from notifying the soldiers to informing the city’s residents, leaving no reason for Hakuro to object.

Hakuro’s interest in witnessing Sora’s abilities first-hand was also a factor.

Narrowing his eyes slightly, Hakuro continued.

“Even after receiving a double strike of Kei from Kagari and Taotie, Sora continues to fight without faltering. Any ordinary warrior would have been torn limb from limb by now. Is this the healing ability mentioned in the earlier reports?”

“Indeed. No matter how much we shatter his bones or dislocate his joints, he heals instantly. Moreover, he has adapted on the spot to Kei strikes he should be experiencing for the first time. Look, even now,” Dooga pointed towards the clashing pair, nodding in admiration. “Kagari’s initial strike may not be perfect, but he manages to neutralize it. He hasn’t yet fully countered the subsequent strikes from Taotie, but he’s healing on the spot. Probably, in another half day, he’ll be able to counter Taotie’s attacks as well.”

“Kei strikes are a secret technique passed down among the Kijin. Kagari, who has mastered the ultimate technique, Four Tribulations, will go down in history as a legendary practitioner. Additionally, the abilities of Taotie as soul equipment are exceptionally unique. And yet, Sora is adapting to Kagari’s attacks in just half a day?”

“Sora’s talent must rival that of Kagari. Indeed, he has grown significantly stronger in a short time. I heard he defeated a dragon in the main temple, and indeed, simply in terms of Kei volume, he might surpass not only me but perhaps even Kagari.”

Hearing Dooga’s words, Hakuro’s face involuntarily contorted.

Hakuro and others were not the only ones on the city walls. Many soldiers, heeding Kagari’s call, had gathered to watch the battle below. Hakuro, glancing around, spoke critically to his elder brother.

“Elder brother, please be cautious with your words. Saying that Nakayama’s strongest warrior might admit defeat against a human could affect the morale of our soldiers.”

“What of it? What’s wrong with acknowledging a fact as a fact? Soldiers who lose morale over such things are unnecessary in Nakayama.”

Dooga grinned slyly as he spoke.

“Moreover, Hakuro. I only said I’m inferior in terms of Kei volume. How one wields their Kei is the essence and crux of battle. Whether the opponent is Sora or Kagari, in martial arts and handling Kei, I have a day’s advantage over them. I’m not ready to follow these young ones just yet.”

Hakuro bowed respectfully, expressing his relief and respect for his elder brother’s martial prowess.

Dooga was not boasting without reason. He was ten years Kagari’s senior, with that much more time spent training and honing his martial skills. The balance of power among the brothers tilted in Dooga’s favor due to these years of experience.

Specifically, Kagari’s Kei strikes could only breach Dooga’s defenses one or two times out of ten. In contrast, Dooga’s Kei strikes could breach Kagari’s defenses more than half the time. Despite Kagari having a higher Kei volume, the difference in their skill level was the decisive factor.

In recent years, Kagari’s remarkable growth and good compatibility with his soul equipment had increasingly put Dooga at a disadvantage in battles where both used their soul equipment. Nevertheless, Dooga had no intention of relinquishing his position as the strongest.

The same could be said for his matches against Sora.

Sora activated his healing power every time he received Kagari’s Kei strike, indicating that he couldn’t defend against it. Furthermore, Sora’s soul equipment didn’t reach Kagari’s level, clearly putting Kagari ahead. If Sora was still inferior to Kagari, there was no reason for him to surpass Dooga.

Dooga, arms crossed, watched Sora continuing to fight Kagari.

“Likely, Sora has been relying on his vast Kei to overpower enemies. That alone would defeat most foes. Since he can heal quickly even if he’s wounded, he hasn’t felt the need to refine his Kei handling.”

“A rough way to fight,” Hakuro commented.

“Yes. If he had a guiding mentor or a competing friend, things might have been different. A pity if he had neither.”

Dooga, stroking his chin beard as if in deep thought, was observed by Hakuro, who narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

“Elder brother, you’re not considering becoming his mentor, are you? Needless to say, he is a human and from the gatekeeper clans. Even if he stands with us today, he might change sides tomorrow.”

“I understand that… but still…”


Hakuro’s eyes narrowed further, and his voice dropped.

Dooga, clearing his throat in an exaggerated cough, continued speaking.

“For Kagari and me, finding an opponent we can truly compete against is quite rare.”

“I understand that, but…”

“Such an opponent is within reach. Even if not as a mentor, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to serve as a sparring partner until the time comes. Mobilization orders will take at least a month to complete. It’s also a way to stave off boredom during that time.”

Dooga spoke calmly, but his tone carried a hint of justification.

Hakuro stared at his brother for a moment before letting out an exaggerated sigh.

“I find it hard to believe that you, as the commander of our forces, have time to be bored… but I understand what you’re saying.”

“Good, you understand.”

“But as you know, Kei strikes are a secret technique of our Kijin race. Don’t teach them to him.”

Dooga nodded without argument. Despite his desire for a formidable enemy, he had no intention of being overly generous with a human. The same would apply to Kagari.

However, looking at the two fighting outside the city, Dooga spoke again.

“Of course. But it might be too late for that, Hakuro.”

“Too late?”

“The fact that Sora can neutralize Kei strikes from Kagari and me means he is already handling Kei strikes. It’s like he’s just started swinging a sword in terms of swordsmanship, but there’s no doubt he’s at the threshold of understanding Kei strikes. As he gains more experience fighting against Kagari and me, he’ll deepen his understanding.”

“So he’ll soon be able to use Kei strikes in his own style.”

Dooga affirmed Hakuro’s words.

Mastering Kei strikes requires precise control of Kei. Sora’s ability to use Kei strikes would mean his mastery of Kei is approaching the level of Dooga and Kagari.

Dooga explained, “I learned Kei strikes from our late master, and Kagari learned from me. But Sora, without any teaching, has learned to defend by enduring countless Kei strikes. Soon, he’ll apply that defensively learned skill in offense. It’s something neither Kagari nor I can replicate.”

“Indeed. A single Kei strike can tear flesh, shatter bones, or even kill. Learning to defend against hundreds of such attacks is a feat of brute-force learning, possible only due to his healing powers.”

“Right. I should add, it’s not just his healing power, but also his strong will. From what we’ve seen of Sora, his healing doesn’t erase the pain of Kei strikes. To endure the agony of being shattered without flinching or breaking, no amount of healing would be enough without a strong will.”

Sora, now capable of handling Kei strikes, possessed vast Kei and had learned to control it at will. Dooga felt a shiver run down his spine at the thought. Sora was already a formidable warrior; mastering the handling of Kei would make him even more formidable.

While Dooga trembled in anticipation of this powerful enemy, Hakuro let out yet another sigh.

“It’s best to nip troubles in the bud. Yet why do my brothers insist on nurturing them? Anyway, elder brother…”

“What is it?”

“From what I’ve heard, you led him to the threshold of Kei strikes. Even now, your desire to engage in combat is not waning, even though you know it will strengthen him.”

Caught off guard, Dooga stumbled over his words before looking away and muttering, “One could see it that way.”

“Can you fight him if he becomes an enemy of Nakayama?”

Dooga didn’t hesitate and nodded firmly at Hakuro.

“Of course. Seeking battles with strong foes is a warrior’s nature, but I won’t be swayed by emotions in such matters.”

“Relieved to hear that. Then, I won’t belabor the point.”

As he spoke, Hakuro began to remove his upper garment, revealing a well-toned body, a testament to his diligence in governance and strength, not merely a scholar.

Dooga, taken aback, blinked in surprise. Not because he underestimated Hakuro, but because he didn’t understand why Hakuro suddenly started undressing.

“What’s happening, Hakuro? Why are you undressing all of a sudden?”

“You fought him in the recent battle.”

Hakuro pointed towards Sora and Kagari, who were still fighting. “Him” referred to Sora.

Still bewildered, Dooga nodded.


“And now, Kagari is fighting him.”


“Then, logically, it should be my turn to fight next.”


Dooga was puzzled by this statement, but Hakuro didn’t wait for a response and leapt off the city wall.

Evidently, the ongoing battle had ignited something in Hakuro. Realizing this, Dooga followed with a wry smile.

Soon after…

“Dooga, what’s going on? We were at a good part—wait, Hakuro?!”

“Kagari. It’s rude to greet your own brother, or anyone for that matter, with such a startle.”

“Sorry, sorry. But why is Hakuro all fired up and undressed?”

“He was inspired by your revelry. Also, I need to keep up physically, or I’ll fall behind in the battles with the gatekeepers.”

“Really? Maybe I should watch this round! Sora, watch out for Hakuro, he’s tricky with his feet—”

“There’s no need for a one-on-one. How about you two against me and the elder brother? You’re fine with this, right?”


“Wait, Dooga?!”

After this exchange among the brothers, the tumult and tremors assaulting West City doubled, causing both soldiers and civilians to tremble in fear.

Azuma, handling state affairs in the royal office, picked up a teacup that rattled on the desk due to the vibrations. He didn’t want it to fall off.

Listening intently, he could hear the distant rumble of battle.

“Everyone’s having quite the time,” Azuma murmured with a hint of amusement, finishing his tea and exhaling deeply.

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