V2 Chapter 49: Discrepancy

It goes without saying, the rule that the God of Law governs is law. And Wisteria and I, having caused a large scuffle in the pleasure district resulting in casualties, have violated this law. It was clear as day that we would be held accountable if last night’s incident came to light.

What happened was the work of the Anima, not Wisteria’s true intention – but such an explanation would hardly be accepted by the God of Law or the authorities of Berka, and Wisteria would surely be apprehended. I myself am responsible for exacerbating the damage, having felt Wisteria’s danger but failing to immediately restrain her.

As for me, while my response was slow, I did protect Berka, so I probably won’t be held guilty.

However, Wisteria, who caused many casualties and inflicted damage on the city, cannot avoid being heavily charged. Whether she is beheaded at the execution ground or sent to long-term imprisonment, the conclusion of the demon god Pazuzu manifesting, who devoured the host Wisteria, cannot be avoided.

In order to avoid this conclusion, I went to see Cardinal Sylara immediately upon returning to Berka, of course to explain the incident last night.

I could have pretended not to know, but if I did that, the God of Law or the Berka government might issue a warrant for Wisteria’s arrest. I can’t force Wisteria, who entrusted herself to me, to live in fear of people’s eyes from now on. If I’m entrusted with her, it’s only right that I also take on the crimes she has committed.

It would be easier to persuade Cardinal Sylara than an unfamiliar Berka official.

I had a plan.

‘In the name of Noah Cornelius, I swear here and now that I will repay this favor.’

This was what Pope Noah said to me when I defeated the immortal king Sharamon in the forest of Titus. I believed that by using this vow of the Pope, Wisteria would not be sentenced to death. However, I wasn’t completely confident, so I decided to have Wisteria and Lunamaria wait outside the temple.

In conclusion, my request was granted. However, the process to reach this point was much more adversarial than I had expected.

Cardinal Sylara was welcoming of my early morning visit, but his face remained calm only until I started speaking. As the conversation progressed, the Cardinal’s expression became increasingly stern, and by the end, his eyes, sharp as needles, were fixed on me.

After a while, the Cardinal’s words, heavy and low, matched his expression.

‘I was informed about the battle of Titus in a letter from her Holiness. In the letter, her Holiness said to fulfill your requests as much as possible. With Arrow and Katia’s situation, I was also willing to do that. That being said, I find it hard to believe that you are thinking rationally when you suggest protecting a Dark Elf who has turned her back on God.’

I couldn’t help but be surprised by the strength of the refusal in his voice.

Indeed, I mentioned in my report the legend of the Dark Elves that I heard from Lunamaria. They are a clan that has received both the blessing of the devil and the curse of the world.

However, Dark Elves are fairy-tale beings, even their own kind, Lunamaria, does not feel hatred towards them. Why would Cardinal Sylara, a human, express such strong rejection?

I returned his words in confusion.

“It’s merely that her appearance resembles that of the Dark Elves in legends. Just because she bears resemblance to the villains in Elven fairy tales, it does not mean she can be accused of any crime.”

It is only natural to be held accountable for the incident last night. However, if I am to be charged for past wrongdoings whose veracity I cannot even confirm, I must protest.

In response to my words, the Cardinal solemnly shook his head.

“It’s not about past wrongdoings, nor is it a mere Elven fairy tale. The Dark Elves do exist, and they are still defying the gods, wreaking havoc in the world. This is not unrelated to you.”


I blinked at his words. From what he just said, it seems that he is implying that there’s some connection between me and the Dark Elves, other than Wisteria…but I don’t recall any such thing. If I had ever seen a dark-skinned elf, I certainly wouldn’t have forgotten.

I furrowed my brows and asked the Cardinal,

“What do you mean by that?”

“They are monsters that defy God and the principle of life, coveting immortality. I’m referring to the Undead King you fought in Titis Forest.”

The moment he said this, the image of Sharamon appeared in my mind.

Seeing my reaction, the Cardinal slowly continued,

“The leader of those villains is indeed a Dark Elf. The top-ranked Rascalis of the Night Assembly. How many of our clergy have fallen at his hands… I repeat, Dark Elves are not mere legendary beings. To us, the Apostles of the Law God, they are an absolute enemy.”

With that, the Cardinal cast a sharp gaze at me.

“It’s likely that it was Rascalis who had Sharamon attack Her Holiness. A Dark Elf appeared at your place not even a month after you defeated Sharamon. It’s hard to believe this is mere coincidence.”

It is difficult to face a Dragon Slayer head on. However, if one is to stay nearby, there are countless opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities. Bathing, changing clothes, relieving oneself, eating, sleeping. There are plenty of moments when one becomes defenseless.

Even other methods could be employed if the individual is a woman. Cardinal Sylara told me this with a deep sense of concern.

“I am not trying to scare you, but you should refrain from associating with the Dark Elf.”

“I appreciate your sincere advice, Your Eminence.”

When I respectfully bowed my head, the Cardinal finally relaxed his expression.

“So, you will hand over the Dark Elf?”

“No, I have no such intention.”

Upon hearing my reply, the Cardinal’s eyes visibly widened. His piercing gaze would be unbearable for someone harboring guilt.

However, as I bore no guilt, the impact of his gaze was diminished. I met his stare head-on and continued speaking.

“From what I gather from our discussion, the wrongdoings of this Rascalis are his own and not reflective of his entire race. Furthermore, Your Eminence, you seem to suspect that Wisteria is under Rascalis’ control, but this is merely speculation. Furthermore, even if your speculation were true, it would not be a reason for me to reverse my decision. I extended my hand to her knowing fully well that she was possessed by something peculiar.”

“…Dark Elves are cursed by God. Their possession by demons is indeed proof of that. As an Apostle of the Law God, I cannot accept such an individual, and the same applies to those who would protect them.”

Emotions that had not been there before began to mingle in the Cardinal’s eyes. His voice was beginning to take on a chill tone.

“Given the word of Her Holiness, I will take care of the incident last night. However, if you insist on protecting the Dark Elf, I must inform you that I will not be able to offer any support henceforth. You will also have to leave the temple. I want you to understand that.”

This was likely Cardinal Sylara’s final ultimatum. If I wanted the cooperation of the Temple of the Law God going forward, I would have to hand over Wisteria.

In response to this, I simply replied,

“I understand. Thank you for your hospitality up until now, Your Eminence.”

With that, I stood up and walked out of the room, turning on my heel.

No voice called out to stop me from the Cardinal.

However, I felt his gaze. I felt his piercingly sharp gaze on my back all the way until I left the room.

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