V2 Chapter 88: The Fangxiang Clan

After joining the party of Mount Taikouzan, Klimt obtained much information that he had never known before.

Most notably, there was the existence of the Light God temple, a religious organization revered even by the Kijin clan. Many of its members were said to be descendants of humans who had sided with the Kijin during the battle three hundred years ago.

The very fact that there were humans other than the Mitsurugi family in the Demon realm was news to Klimt. Naturally, he had never heard of an organization like the Light God temple, let alone about the combat force it harbored.

This combat force was the Fangxiang Clan.

According to Shinto, the Fangxiang Clan originally consisted of those who were responsible for warding off evil spirits and misfortunes. They had long protected people from supernatural beings.

Their roles were not limited to performing rituals to exorcise evil spirits or drive away plagues. They also fought against actual monsters and demons lurking in the land.

Donning masks with the face of a demon, they purged the evil spirits causing harm in the human world. That was the Fangxiang Clan.

However, over time, the very people the Fangxiang Clan protected began to fear not only the evil spirits but also the Fangxiang warriors who vanquished them. Demons and monsters were terrifying, but what about those who effortlessly destroyed such fearsome beings? Could they be even more terrifying than the demons themselves?

Those who wore demon masks and fought to protect the human world were eventually ostracized and despised. For the Fangxiang Clan, who had fought so hard for the sake of the people, it must have been something they couldn’t possibly accept.

It was almost like the old era three hundred years ago.

It was inevitable that the Light God temple, which challenged the existing order and authority with the principle of a purified world, and the Fangxiang Clan, who felt betrayed by the people, would come together…

Shinto explained all this to Klimt shortly after he arrived at Mount Taikouzan.

For Klimt, everything was unfamiliar. Even the claim that the Mitsurugi family was at the lower end of the Fangxiang Clan sounded like nonsense.

Seeing Klimt’s dismissive attitude, Shinto, feeling disrespected, drew his sword—just as he is doing now.

Staring intently at Shinto’s menacingly glinting blade, Klimt couldn’t help but express his incredulity.

“Do you really think it’s a good idea for members of the Light God temple to cross swords here?”

“Hmph, consider this training. Youngsters who don’t understand manners need to be taught a painful lesson. Don’t worry; I’ll hold back, just like last time.”

As he spoke, Shinto adopted a thrusting stance, pointing his blade directly at Klimt. It was the same stance he had taken the last time they fought, a move that had already injured Klimt once.

Watching Klimt’s tense expression, Shinto smiled in satisfaction.

“You might be slow to learn, but it seems you haven’t forgotten. This is the Nanashiki style, a sword technique passed down only among those affiliated with the Fangxiang Clan. Originally, the Mitsurugi also used the same Nanashiki style. However, your ancestors foolishly mixed the Kijin’s sword techniques, establishing the absurd Phantom Blade Style.”

“What kind of ‘Demon Slayer’ or ‘Sealing Divine Sword’ are you talking about?” Shinto spat out with contempt.

Seeing the evident irritation in Shinto, Klimt inwardly smirked, certain that his provocation had succeeded.

From their first meeting, Klimt could sense a deep-seated resentment from Shinto towards the Mitsurugi family and the Phantom Blade Style. Although he didn’t know the exact reason for this resentment, he found that poking at Shinto’s seemingly inferiority-like defiance made Shinto spill valuable information.

Klimt saw it as an opportunity not to be missed. Whether he acted defiantly to stir Shinto’s sadistic side or feigned fear to inflate Shinto’s superiority complex, he was willing to endure the tedious theatrics.

Unaware of Klimt’s internal musings, Shinto continued speaking passionately.

“The so-called Phantom Blade Style, Klimt, is a mediocre style developed by someone who couldn’t master the ‘Demon Slayer’ technique of the Fangxiang Clan nor the ‘Sealing Divine Sword’ of the Kijin. The Soul Equipment you rely on will not affect someone like me who has mastered the Nanashiki style. You should remember that from the last time I pierced through you, right?”


“No words to respond? Well, if you kneel and beg for mercy now, I might show you some compassion, as a former comrade-in-arms. Or should I say, a Green Woods Flag Bearer?”

Suddenly, Shinto paused and looked around. Alarm bells rang throughout the mountain fortress.

“It’s too early for the Nakayama army to arrive. Maybe it’s another horde of monsters.”

With a click of his tongue in annoyance, Shinto sheathed his sword and turned on his heel, leaving Klimt with a final command.

“Return to Lord Yamato quickly, Klimt. Given the state of the Mount Ganzan forces, that brat’s usefulness is almost negligible. However, he still needs to work off the money we’ve invested in him till now. Dying here would be a total waste.”

“What if the Mount Ganzan soldiers hear you?”

“It doesn’t matter. They probably think the same way.”

With a frivolous laugh, Shinto left. Watching his retreating figure, Klimt spat on the ground.

“It’s disgusting to have to play along for information. Does he really think he defeated me?”

Indeed, Klimt had been injured by Shinto’s sword before. But that was to remove the Soul Equipment, a parasitic entity, implanted by his foster father using Shinto’s sword. It wasn’t because Shinto had overpowered him.

The Soul Equipment, the God Bug, by Gilmore could hide inside its target, tearing apart organs or even causing explosions depending on the user’s will. Klimt knew this because Gilmore had demonstrated it to his adopted children.

However, the God Bug couldn’t read thoughts, hear sounds, or steal sight. The only thing Gilmore was aware of was the bug’s location — at least, that’s how it was supposed to be.

Still, Klimt couldn’t believe that the cautious Gilmore would reveal all the capabilities of his Soul Equipment. Even if the bug couldn’t read thoughts, it might relay sounds or voices back to Gilmore. Even if it was excessive caution, it was better to be safe.

If possible, Klimt should remove the God Bug right away. He had thought of this the moment he entered the Demon realm.

However, depending on the God Bug’s capabilities, if Klimt tried to remove the Soul Equipment on his own, Gilmore would immediately be informed. If that happened, Klimt’s intention to rebel would be exposed. He couldn’t predict what fate would then befall his sister, who was left on Demon Island.

That’s precisely why Klimt had used Shinto. Additionally, he had the ulterior motive of making Shinto underestimate him to extract information.

For now, everything was going according to Klimt’s plans.

The only issues were the vulnerability of Mount Taikouzan’s Mount Ganzan forces, which could collapse at any moment, and the uncertainty of when Klimt’s patience might run out.

“If only he had the divine artifact of invisibility, things would have been easier.”

Ideally, two of them—one for himself and one for his sister. If he had them, there would be no need for such roundabout tactics like extracting information. He could have immediately killed Shinto, taken the divine artifact, and returned to Demon Island.

With these thoughts, Klimt headed towards where Yamato and the others were.

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