V2 Chapter 112: Troubles

The unreliable sun of the Demon Realm, like a heat haze, sinks, enveloping Mount Taikouzan in the curtain of night.

In a corner of the fort, Ursula Utgarza sat alone, confronting her own worries as she was swept by the night wind.

She heard about the connection between the Temple of the Light God and the Mitsurugi family from Klimt’s mouth. The fact that Utsurui, the head of the Fangxiang Clan, was the enemy who killed her father. And beyond that, various other pieces of information she had seen and heard in the Demon Realm.

When she put all of these together, the hidden truth behind her father’s death began to reveal itself, whether she liked it or not.

The one who pushed her father to his death was not some mysterious four-eyed Kijin, but the Fangxiang Clan, and behind them, the Temple of the Light God. Given that, it was hard to think that the Mitsurugi family, who were secretly connected to the Temple, had no involvement.

Whether it was a direct order or indirect approval, the head of the family, Shikibu, must have given some sort of permission for Utsurui’s assassination of the Minister of Justice.

Ursula recalled the words Utsurui spoke during their recent battle.

“Believe this body alone to be your enemy and follow in your father’s footsteps. That will be the least solace for you, who have dedicated your life to vengeance.”

Upon reconsidering, those words seemed to hint at the involvement of others in her father’s death.

The first thing that came to Ursula’s mind upon realizing this was to immediately return to Demon Island and question her lord about the truth.

However, there was no evidence in Klimt’s story. If Shikibu denies it, Ursula would have no way to press him.

If she wanted to uncover the truth, she needed to investigate the Temple of the Light God more thoroughly.

If a connection to the Mitsurugi family is found, then that’s good. Even if none is found, it would serve as a basis for judging Utsurui’s words as false.

Ursula clarified the actions she should take in her mind, but the problem was whether she could carry them out or not.

She gently touched her left shoulder through her clothes. Immediately, a sharp pain ran from her shoulder to her chest, and Ursula grimaced.

It was the scar from a slash by Uturui just a few days ago. Thanks to Sora, the wound had closed, but the lingering pain was still etched in her body like this.

It was a severe injury that could have been fatal. She was thankful it only resulted in this much pain, but it was still difficult for her to engage in combat.

She had lost a lot of blood using Void Armor, and her body would sometimes wobble. She couldn’t imagine achieving results by staying in the Demon Realm and investigating the Temple of the Light God in this condition.

Moreover, even before considering her physical condition, Ursula’s mission was to accompany Sora and Claira, who had entered the Demon Island. She couldn’t just wander around the island and leave them behind.

No matter how much suspicion she had towards the Mitsurugi family, she couldn’t just abandon her duty as a soldier of the Green Woods. Until today, most of Ursula’s focus had been on avenging her father, but she still possessed loyalty towards the Mitsurugi family and pride as a soldier protecting the demon gate.

After much thought, Ursula let out a sigh of resignation.

To be honest, she would like for Sora and the others to remain in Demon Island and cooperate with her investigation into the religion of the Light God. That way, she could accomplish her goals without disobeying the orders of the Mitsurugi family.


“I can’t make such a selfish request, especially since they just saved my life,” she thought.

Regardless of the mystery surrounding the Mitsurugi family, it must be irrelevant to Sora, who had been exiled from Demon Island.

She couldn’t force her benefactors to help her for her own personal reasons. Ursula thought so, but that didn’t mean she had no ideas on how to ask Sora for assistance.

Simply begging would still be selfish. In that case, she could formally request assistance in exchange for a fair price.

In exchange for imposing labor on Sora, Ursula would also provide a fair return.

Sora had said, “It’s not for friendship or kindness. I take proper compensation.” Since helping Klimt had fulfilled Claira’s wish, if Ursula could now offer an equivalent compensation, she might be able to secure Sora’s cooperation.

—The problem was whether Ursula could offer a compensation that would satisfy Sora.

Ursula fiddled with her bangs with her right hand.

She hadn’t directly asked Claira what she had offered in exchange for Sora’s help. However, considering Claira’s situation and her behavior towards Sora, Ursula had a general idea.

In short, everything.

Everything as a swordsman.

Everything as a woman.

Having committed the greatest sin of leaving the island and being in a situation where she couldn’t rely on anyone, Claira offered everything she had in exchange for Sora’s help—and Sora had accepted. At least, that’s what Ursula had concluded.

Seeing Claira, who made a lap pillow and always stayed a step behind, completely opening up her heart to Sora, Ursula couldn’t think otherwise.

If Sora had coerced that from her, Ursula would have her reservations. However, judging by Claira’s behavior, there was no sense of tragedy in offering herself up for her brother. Not a single shred of it could be felt.

Ursula, who had been unable to do anything for Claira and Klimt, had considered paying a price to Sora in Claira’s stead. However, she now understands that it was unnecessary meddling.

By the way, in the sense that she was willing to become a substitute, one could say that she was already prepared to pay the same price as Claira. Despite this—Ursula touched her own cheek with the hand that had been fiddling with her hair. Although she should be suffering from a lack of blood due to the use of Void Armor, her cheeks are noticeably warm.

Ursula thought to herself that she must be blushing like a red apple.

This is a reaction that didn’t occur when she considered the same thing before.

She is strongly bewildered precisely because she is aware that something is different between then and now.

Ursula, noticing that her fingers were unconsciously tracing her lips, quickly pulled her hand away. Then, just like a moment before, she let out a deflated sigh.

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