V2 Chapter 113: Consideration

“Ursula, I’m planning to stay in the Demon Realm a bit longer to investigate various matters. What about you? Are you going to continue accompanying me?”



Upon throwing out a seemingly harmless question, her reaction resembled a pigeon that had been shot by a peashooter. I tilted my head in confusion.

“Is something wrong?”

“Isn’t it that you, Sora, planned to return to Demon Island once you found Klimt?”

“If nothing had happened, that would have been one option. But now that I’ve heard what Klimt had to say, that’s no longer the case.”

What Klimt revealed about the Temple of Light and Fangxiang clan. The reason Ursula’s father was killed, inferred from these facts. Emperor Amadeus II’s talk of a 300-year-old grudge. The enigmas hidden in the Demon Realm were endless.

I have no particular duty to solve these mysteries, but I can’t just dismiss them as “irrelevant to me since I’ve been banished from the Mitsurugi family.”

I had closely interacted with Pope Noah and Lascaris during the incident in Berka. From that experience, I am fully aware of the dangers of being uninformed.

Furthermore, even if I consider myself unrelated to the Mitsurugi family, that doesn’t mean others see it that way. The Pope has pointed out that the mysteries surrounding the Mitsurugi family could pose a threat to me. Investigating them is necessary.

Plus, there’s also the matter of Claira and her siblings.

Ideally, Klimt’s treatment for his lost arm should have taken place in capital of demon highland. At the very least, it shouldn’t be done in the borderlands of the Demon Realm, where facilities are lacking.

However, Klimt had failed his mission to assassinate King Azuma and returning to capital for treatment was uncertain. Someone like Gilmore could just say, “An armless warrior is of no use to the Berch family,” and leave Klimt for dead.

Given these concerns, bringing Klimt back to capital was not an option. Klimt himself didn’t wish to return after hearing the circumstances from his sister, making treatment in the Demon Realm inevitable.

Naturally, Claira, who is nursing her brother, will also stay in the Demon Realm. I can’t return to Ishka alone under such circumstances. At least until Klimt recovers, I need to stay in the Demon Realm.

I assumed Ursula would want to stay to investigate her father’s death as well, so her current reaction is quite unexpected.

“Do you have any reason why you can’t come along?”

Puzzled, I asked. Ursula hastily waved her hands in front of her chest.

“Ah, no, that’s not it. I was just…surprised. I thought you weren’t particularly interested in things like the Mitsurugi family or the Temple of Light.”

“Ah, so that’s what it is. To be honest, whether I’m interested or not—”

“I’m not interested.”

“Hmm. The dark side of the Mitsurugi family is undoubtedly as filthy and foul-smelling as sludge. I wouldn’t want to touch it.”

However, whether it’s needed or not, it is necessary. If that’s the case, I can’t afford to be choosy.

—Moreover, I had concerns about Ursula.

If my suspicions are correct, and the Mitsurugi family was involved in the death of Ursula’s father, then Ursula will be forced to make a choice.

Will she expose the wrongdoing of the main family connected to the Underworld and impeach them?

Or will she consider the Mitsurugi family as part of her enemy and draw her sword against them?

Alternatively, will she continue to serve the main family as she has been, keeping everything a secret?

Given Ursula’s personality, she would likely not choose the last option. So it comes down to either impeachment or revenge; either way, she would take a stance to condemn the head of the Mitsurugi family.

That means standing in the same position as the previous Minister of Justice, Ulrich Utgarza.

It’s left to imagination which option Ulrich chose, but he was killed before he could take any action. There’s no reason to think that whoever killed Ulrich would make an exception for Ursula.

I planned to discuss these matters with Ursula while we remain in the Underworld. If Ursula wishes, I can act as her bodyguard. If need be, Claira and I could bring Ursula back to Ishka.

Of course, all this assumes that the information about the Mitsurugi family and the Temple of Light being connected is true. There’s also the question of what Ursula herself desires. It’s pointless to think too much about it at this stage. Still, one reason I decided to stay in the Underworld was my concern for Ursula, the person who saved my life.

Of course, I wouldn’t bring up such a thing directly. Repaying a favor in an obtrusive manner is not tasteful.

And yet, as if sensing my inner thoughts, Ursula surprises me by displaying a remarkably beautiful smile.

Then, in a pleasant voice, she informed me that she will continue to accompany us.


After deciding on our immediate course of action, the next person I went to see was Sozai, the chief physician of Nakayama.

“So, Lord Sora, you wish to know about the Temple of Light?”

Nodding to Sozai’s counter-question, I considered the situation. Based on the assumption that the Mitsurugi family is connected to the Temple of Light, this relationship is a closely guarded secret for the Mitsurugi family. At the same time, it should also be a closely guarded secret for the Temple of Light, which is in a collaborative relationship with the Kijin race.

With our limited knowledge of the Demon realm, it’s unlikely we would uncover any concrete evidence just by probing around. When investigating the hidden aspects of the Temple of Light, what is required is not haste, but deliberate action.

So, I’ve decided to gather more knowledge about the Temple of Light while I still can.

I have already read through the sacred texts of the Temple of Light in the western capital, but it’s difficult to impersonate a follower based solely on reading their books.

That’s why I approached Sozai. Though I haven’t directly asked, from what I’ve observed so far, Sozai is likely a follower of the Temple of Light. He would be an ideal person to learn from about the common sense and behavior that a real believer would possess.

In response to my request, Sozai agreed without showing any hesitation.

According to Klimt, even Nakayama had its fair share of troubles with the Temple of Light. Sozai, who serves both as a follower of the Temple of Light and a subordinate of Nakayama, must be in a difficult position both in terms of his role and emotionally. However, seeing Sozai’s composed attitude, it’s hard to think that way.

It’s understandable that the likes of Doga respect him. He is indeed a person of extraordinary courage. As I was admiring him, Sozai slowly opened his mouth.

“If you have read the sacred texts, then you should have a general idea about the Order. Therefore, let me tell you about the Holy Maiden Sophia. The Temple of Light has been able to exist in the Demon Realm until today solely due to her achievements.”

“Sophia Azurite, correct?”

“Indeed. She’s a visionary of the Phantom burial movement, who wished to protect the world from rampaging Mythical Creatures. A savior who sealed away the serpent with warriors from godless. And a selfless maiden who invoked divinity into her own body to save all lives sealed in the Demon Realm by the vile traitor Kazuma Mitsurugi. One cannot speak of the teachings of the Temple of Light without knowing Sophia Azurite—please consider her to be of that much importance.”

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